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If in 2010 we have the Smartphone, with the rate of technology advancement I would safely say that in 2014, every person will have a genius in their pocket. And no not ‘that’ genius.

Smartphone’s, now currently do more to help organize our lives then any other technology including computers. This is not only because of the quality of the applications seen in both major competitors such as the i-Phone 3GS  and BB’s Storm 2, but because of how portable they are.

We as a race, have moved on from the irrefutable idea that ‘smaller is better!’ and have decided on quality over size. Therefore I will NOT predict that in 2014 the next smart phone will be smaller then your little toe. If they are then I will boycott them and buy ‘Telepathy for Dummies’ in order to keep my contact list up-to-date.

In all seriousness though, we will most likely see five major hardware additions to the phones of the future.

1.)   Voice activation technology. This as I have previously stated will become a BIG thing in the next few years. Instead of just talking to people through your phone you will be talking to your phone. Yes, yes you might look crazy but anything beats using a head-set where the rest of the world think you are talking to yourself.

2.)   A massive re-vamp of phone technology will occur. Say goodbye to 16 Gig phones and welcome 50-100 Gig phones. In addition look for a more powerful graphics card that can handle many more apps that have a lot more depth and desire to them at a much smoother pace, and let us not forget about screen resolutions.  Brighter and crisper is always better.

3.)    Look for an update on the touch technology front. No longer will your screen freeze in the cold, and skip and glitch out when attempting to shrink or rotate your photo with a pinch (or two) of your fingers.

4.)   Look forward to a flash-drive.

5.)   A total revamp on model cases. That’s right, the i-Phone (or i-Bubble as I like to think of it) and the Blackberry Storm (or BBB: BlackBerry Box) will defiantly not linger for much longer. Look for a thinner, sleeker, model that may have transparent technology allowing you to see two different faces of the phone at once. A sleek black cover for example, with a touch button that makes the front, translucent allowing to see such things as time, missed calls, connectivity and message alerts whilst the phone is still locked.  (Granted this also fits in with an update on software).

However with only 4 years to go, and seeing how good Smartphone’s currently are, I believe many of the major updates will be to do with software.

Following will be a short list of possible software updates that could occur:

1.)  Skype abilities. Smartphone’s have cameras, they have internet, the next logical step is for developers to either create their companies own version of Skype such as i-Chat or use Skype itself.

2.) Re-vamping the operating system will defiantly occur. It may not look like your respective Windows 7 or Snow Leopard but be looking for a much more advanced and clean looking OPS that will allow you to engage in the design more, customizing not only art-work for looks but organization, menu set ups and data upload and retrieval in a cleaner and more efficient way.

3.)  As written above, look for translucent or transparent technology. Instead of a 2 dimensional perspective of a phone being locked and unlocked, think 3-D, with the 3rd dimension being both a screen that looks locked but with the ability to become transparent to show a projected screen with alerts, times and notes of importance without even unlocking the phone.

With these predicted updates, Smartphone’s could very well become Geniusphones. I do not think it is a long shot at all for these predictions to come true if developers and their companies stop what they are doing at present and look at fixing mistakes and making improvements to parts that really need it instead of improving things that should be put on the backburner likes quality of connectivity with your respective phone company.  Granted this is important but there is such a thing as prioritizing.

Therefore I say this to you Apple and to you Blackberry. Get off the phone with AT&T and Verizon or Rogers and Telus, and get back to the drawing board with the idea of improving the hardware and software in regards to efficiency and power. If you do this, you will have the most intelligent and interactive phones of 2014 and that is when you can fight for the portable communications monopoly. Until then the small updates that you claim justifies being called a completely new and innovative model of your phone just seems fail.