‘The BlackBerry Torch 9800’ Oh Would You Like a Fresh New Innovative BB Smartphone? Well….TOO BAD! :D

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Future Tech, Phones
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Dear Reader, after doing a couple of Vlogs (seen below), I decided it was time to do another article so as to keep the division of content between Blogs and Vlogs on an even keel.

With that I thought it would be a good time to discuss RIM (Research In Motion) new Blackberry Torch 9800.
The torch is what I believe RIM is hoping will be it’s saving grace at a time when it’s smartphone popularity is slowly slipping away.
RIM, one of the pioneers in smartphone technology, has recently been losing popularity in the ongoing competitiveness between such companies as Google with their Android OS and Apple with their iOS4 .
With both the BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2 having flopped RIM really needed to rethink their strategy. With the torch, they seem to feel that they have.
The torch supports both a full touch screen with an additional slide out full QWERTY keyboard.

Here are the specs:

With this type of model, consumers may complain that the screen size, so sneakily hinted to be a full 4.37” is actually a lot less. The phone height itself (when closed) is this size. Again RIM has failed to expand the screen display to the edges leaving gaping amounts of room on all sides of the display perimeter.
Another problem i foresee with the torch’s mechanics is the fact that when fully opened, it looks both incredibly awkward to use and can make the user look incredibly awkward to other people. In my opinion, when fully opened it looks like skinny version of the cell phones seen in the 1990’s.
With the QWERTY slider being implemented into this model, the phone will also be quite fat. This could be a danger to the sales of the phone, as many competitors such as the iPhone 4 and many HTC phones are going for thinness. Compared to its competition, the torch looks as if it still needs to run a few laps.

However there are upsides to this type of hardware design. Many consumers are either scared to enter the world of touch devices or complain about the in-accuracy and lack of comfort touch devices give. RIM has found a way to bring the solidarity and security of acutal  BUTTONS to a touch phone, giving the consumer the option between touch and real touch for user preference. This will double RIM’s targeted demographic. A smart move by the big men in suits, however only time will tell if it will flop or mop the floor with it’s competition.

In terms of software, RIM boasts its new BB 6 OS. I have not personally used this operating system, but RIM does say that it is very much what they have been lacking and what has been dropping their sales. An all  new web browser has replaced the lack luster, slow as a lama, predecessor. Trust me when i say BB failed miserably in terms of software previous to BB 6 I mean it. When i had my BB Bold, I would never use the web browser simply because it was such an unenjoyable experience.

BB promotes the Torch with features such as a ‘Universal Search’, which seems pretty normal to me. A search tool is a search tool, but ok RIM, ill bite. I want to hear more.
RIM says this:

Oh Mah God! That was so completely and utterly unhelpful.
But don’t worry they also promote BB Messenger. I will be the first to agree that BB Messenger is one of the saving graces for any Blackberry. However its not new….

Its kind of like Microsoft saying,

‘Welcome to Windows 8, where you will enjoy the use of a start menu!’

Other features the Torch boasts, is an incredibly long lasting  battery. With stats such as:

Finally RIM promotes the Torch with having GPS, 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities. Wait DID HE JUST SAY GPS, 3G AND WIFI? NOOOOWAIIIIIII
Yep thats right, it comes with pretty much everything the curve comes with in terms of networking. This just makes the entire phone complacent. We continue to see the pattern of a lack of new features and an attempt at smart marketing to win over consumers with basic functions that any smartphone should have. RIM get serious, we are not all so stupid.

Finally the last big issue that I have with this phone and its really more to do with BlackBerry is the fact that their ‘saving grace’ looks pretty much identical to any other BlackBerry in the past. It was kind of like taking a BlackBerry Bold and introducing it to the hot and sexy  BlackBerry Storm and seeing  what kind of mutated baby they could create. Yippee, boring with no innovation.

Therefore my final thoughts on the BlackBerry Torch is this:

BlackBerry Torch + Boring features = Snorefest.

I don’t mean to sound cynical or anything with this post. I’m simply tired of RIM regurgitating the same stuff over and over again. With this lack of commitment to ingenuity and innovation, there can be no inspiration and without this, RIM will continue to loose it’s consumer base.
I hope you found this article useful guys, especially for those in the market for a new smartphone. Remember though, it is always user preference. If the phone is in a store near you, go and check it out. Prove me wrong and leave a comment! I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Im hoping that RIM will eventually put some effort into their new devices. I would love to see RIM have a fantastic comeback. After all I was a BB user for over two years. They are just outdated. With a makeover and some real inspired thinking, BlackBerry could take the consumer market by storm once again. I look forward to that day.

With that, take care and have a great week!

Ta ta for now,


P.S. Sorry to all of you BB fanboys. I don’t mean to upset you <3’s and snuggles 😛

  1. Highlander says:

    Agreed fluffy, phone looks stupid, I still love my javelin, and i think u nailed a couple points on the head; one error though; the javelin ( aka the curve aka my phone) has wi fi. Furthermore Blackberry could be going with the motto if it aint broke dont fix it, as radical design changes can drastically alter sales; yet it would be nice to see something slightly different. if you look at apple for example excluding the iphone 4, they have focused on software updates, which is pivotal in keeping the ADD market interested ( apples best ploy) and BB falls way behind on this.

    • ARaey says:

      Hey thanks for the comment especially the heads up on the Wi-Fi. I had read somewhere that the Torch was the first so that was bad information. Regardless the article has been updated to be correct 🙂
      I think you right about the software updates. RIM seems to lag there. It also works the same way with the artistic design themes they use for their OS. Its pretty much transparent monochrome in a smartphone market of colour. It reminds me when all the cool kids at school had the brand new colour cell phones and I was still rocking the non coloured Nokia.

  2. Unearthed your blog via google the other day and absolutely think its great. Carry on the excellent work.

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