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Dear Readers,

I am very sorry that my uptime on new posts have been some what lacking as of late. I have been extremely busy with University and of course that must come first. After all it would be lovely to eventually make a carreer out of writing these posts 😉

In saying that I will try my very best to increase the amount of posts written per month which will again balance the fluidity of the progress for this site.

In other news, when not studying for mid-terms, or writing papers, or writing blogs, I have been getting my hands dirty with Adobe CS5 After Effects. For those that are unfamiliar with this programme, it is special effects and movie editing software.

I feel that (though extremely difficult to learn without being tought through a course) it will be incredibly beneficial for myself in the long run. It is an extremely difficult programme to learn alone, especially when you are not familiar with its UI. However I have been making a little bit of headway, both through painful trial and error and through watching online tutorials through

So here is a small glimpse of some progress that I have made for any interested. I created a logo of sorts from scratch.

Though this is not necessarily directly related to this blog, I thought it important to show you all that I have not for a second forgotten you ❤ and maybe there will be some who are interested in this type of technology.


p.s. This first test still isn’t totally finished. I still need to edit the end and add special effects audio into it. Because I am still a complete novice at this, if any reader knows how to use Adobe After Effects, I would be more then willing to hear your criticism (keep it clean please) and also learn from your experience. If this is you please look at Contacts, and send me an email. Many thanks.