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Hey guys here is a link to a review I did on for the ‘Targus Notebook Chill Mat’. It was probably the biggest waist of $30.00 I have spent in a very long time. I had even done a few hours of research on it before buying and it still failed.

Review link:

Here is a copied version of my review incase you can not follow the link or could not find the entry:

‘I bought this on boxing day 2009, hoping after reading many reviews about it, that it would be perfect. I should have realized the warning signs at the time though. How naive. When going into BestBuy and seeing that this was the only cooling mat left, warning signs should have popped up immediately in my mind. In fact it was not just the only product left, it was left in the hundreds. It seems everyone wanted to buy every cooling mat except for this one, and rightly so.

At first the product was fantastic. It kept my macbook pro about 50 degrees cooler then usual which was amazing as my mac-pro is titanium and becomes so hot you could cook your full english breakfast on it.

However as time went on (about 1.5 weeks) the fans started to weez more loudly. Eventually because the length of the USB cord was so short the connecter that drove into the actual machine began to bend, forcing me to start plugging it in from a 45 degree angle. 3 days after that, the entire product was toast. It wouldn’t work at all no matter how many directions I angled the connector into the machine.

If you like cheap products that cost more then 20 of them are worth producing then go ahead and buy this. If not, simply stay away from this product and don’t be impatient like I was. If BestBuy only has this left in stock, get something off amazon or go to a futureshop. Impatience is my bane.

Alas Targus fails.’

Okay so for anyone out there looking to buy a new notebook cooling mat, simply stay away from this product and I would also suggest staying away from this company. A bad product usually goes hand in hand with the care and effort a company puts into the research and development of said products.

I hope this helps those buyers out there.