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Within the last 10 years, consumers have seen a massive leap in the advancement of computing systems. Regardless of whether you are an Apple-holic or a PC-addict, both sides of the computing world have travelled light years when looking back at the hottest computers in 1999 and previously.

Though the answer to why and how the jump occurred is locked up in the depths of silicon valley, we as consumers and ‘gadgeteers’  can be excited and passionate about what the next four years will bring to the table.

Lets take a look back shall we?

Between the years of 1993 when for example Apple brought out its first notebook and 1999 when they brought out the G3 notebook, though the advancements were huge for that time and for only being 6 years apart, they hold nothing to flame of advancement that has occurred from 1999 to 2010.

In 1999 the high-end laptops could hold about 1GB of memory. At that time 1GB was considered a huge amount of room to play around with. 11 years later we are seeing the average laptop holding about 300GB of memory.

The high-end laptops in 1999 would have a very slow processor  of around 850 MHz whilst the average laptop of 2010 would have a processing speed of about  2.4-2.6 GHz.

Please remember that the high-end laptops of 1999 could weigh up to the amount of a small child and be as thick as a brick whilst the average laptops of 2010 can be nearly as thin as a folder and weigh the same as a pillow.

My point in discussing these differences is to exemplify how technology has only advanced faster and faster as each new year comes around. Therefore with the new additions to touch screen technology and finally the advancements in voice technology, what will be out in four years from now?

From seeing how fast technology is advancing I would not be surprised to see laptops appearing 4 years from now with two screens. The first screen is where it always is and the second being where the keyboard usually is on a laptop. Both screens would be touch interactive, with a touch keyboard that would open up through an application much like what the upcoming i-Pad will be doing.

I also would not be surprised to find that both PC and Apple will foresee the problem that some consumers will still be skeptical, or uncomfortable using a touch-screen keyboard. In saying this I believe there are two options that PC and Apple can go through.

The first is the cheaper option that consumers will find a hassle. That is to simply have USB ports that will enable you to attach an external keyboard and also provide (as they do now) a Bluetooth system that the consumer could by his or her choice connect to a wireless keyboard.

I mention the wired keyboard because many consumers prefer to use wired over Bluetooth as they find the system more reliable and the problem of your keyboard running out of batteries at the most crucial of times (sod’s law) will not occur.

The second option that can be done, is to integrate a keyboard within the actual laptop. Of course this may make the laptop thicker then the consumer is used to but imagine pressing a touch-interactive button on the laptop and suddenly seeing a very thin keyboard slide out of a slot in the front of the laptop (with stilts for support that can be folded away) ready to use. With how slim keyboards are becoming, in the next 4 years it is very possible that if this is added, the thickness of the laptop would really not be that extreme at all. With how thin keyboards are becoming you would not have to worry about the weight of the laptop as the difference of adding an internal/external keyboard would hardly make any difference.

Another feature that will most likely dominate over touch technology but will probably only be co-existing with it in four years from now is a voice interactive system. This technology has been played with since the mid 1990’s but its only now that any real headway has occurred. Recently Google has brought out their first proto-type of a voice activated web search, where you can press a button on your computer or Smartphone, say what you wanted to search, press enter and your Google search would start.

After trying it, it still needs a bit of work as it only got half of my sentence correct when searching. I believe a major problem that must be faced and overcome when looking into making this technology actually viable are different peoples’ accents. We all have the same problem when talking to automated directories over the phone. If you don’t have an American accent your screwed into sitting their for 20 minutes  longer then you should have had to, simply because you had to repeat ‘TECHNICAL SUPPORT’ 9 or 10 times before they finally sent you to ‘SALES’.

However if Google and it’s partners and developers are able to get over this hurdle which is a strong possibility then we are likely to see this technology co-existing as I said with touch technology four years from now embedded into the software for desktops and laptops alike. I believe we would see such advancements as being able to ‘say’ an applications name and it actually opening the first time without problem or fault, a successful speak-to-type format for Microsoft Word and Apple’s ‘Pages’ and of course what I previously said about Google searches. Even within the next 4 years, I do not believe that the technology will be fully sound but I do believe if funded properly it will be a viable alternative option to touch typing and old fashioned mouse clicking.

One factor that both PC and Apple need to confront within the next four years that is a bit more down to earth and less flashy then what has previously been written above is the problem of hardware overheating. Apple especially needs to wake up on this problem. If you are going to completely encase a computer in titanium you might want to think about making a bigger ventilation system in the back or adding a second fan before implementing it. If you can’t figure this out it may be better to not use Titanium at all or to hire new developers.

I believe that four years from now, consumers are going to be less laid back then they have been in the past and as they are in the present  about simple problems like this that can have majorly deterring effects on the piece of machinery itself. With the way in which prices continuously become higher for the hottest piece of technology on the market regardless of whether its Apple or PC (but still looking at you Apple -_-), consumers will be expecting a near to perfect result. Of course perfection can never be obtained but an overheating problem where your notebook explodes as had been found to be the case for some Mac-book pros, will not be tolerated much longer especially for how much people are paying for these computers.

In saying this, I believe that in 4 years from now, we wil be seeing some amazing and fantastic products coming out from Apple, and PC companies. Let us hope they do not just go for what looks good but develop technology that works just as well to.