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Dear Readers, my second course has now started so new article postings will be slow until the beginning of August.

However though the article on FaceTime will be published soon, I thought it important to update you all on the latest and greatest news on the iPhone 4.

As most (if not all) consumers have heard in the last month since the iP4 was launched, Apple has been plagued with problems from consumers regarding signal and antenna issues with the iP4.

Apple’s first repsonce was to that it was a ‘non-issue’ and to hold the phone differently. (For more information on this check out my recent article:

After Apple’s HR department took the reins from Mr. Jobs, explaining that the issue would be fixed with a software update, the fires began to burn out. However now just when Apple seems to be on the mend from this, ‘Consumer Reports’ magazine has spoken up after doing some heavy testing on three ip4s.

In June ‘Consumer Reports’ stated that there was not enough information at the time in regards to the antenna issue for them to not recommend the iPhone 4.

“There’s no reason, at least yet, to forgo buying an iPhone 4 over its reception concerns. And even if those do materialize, Apple’s Steve Jobs helpfully reminds new iPhone buyers “you can return your undamaged iPhone to any Apple Retail Store or the online Apple Store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.”

However after testing the iP4 thoroughly this is what they came up with:

“It’s official. Consumer Reports’ engineers have just completed testing the iPhone 4, and have confirmed that there is a problem with its reception. When your finger or hand touches a spot on the phone’s lower left side—an easy thing, especially for lefties—the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose your connection altogether if you’re in an area with a weak signal. Due to this problem, we can’t recommend the iPhone 4.”

For the full article released by Consumer Reports please go to:

Consumer Reports, arguably an extremely powerful and trusted critic for many consumers does not recommend those in the market to purchase the iP4, especially for those who either live or are often in an area with weak signal.

Interestingly enough though, It was not all rain and sad faces for Apple. ‘Consumer Reports’ did rate the iPhone 4 with a 76/100, giving it the highest mark of all Smartphones on the current market. What this means is that ‘Consumer Reports’ believes that the iP4 is the best Smartphone out there in everyway except that it can’t make calls so that it’s kind of pointless?

No but seriously what this means is that when looking beyond the signal issues, it is the leading Smartphone over all others. Whilst CR believes this of course they can not recommend it to consumers as its basic function as a phone is questionable at this point at best.

Check out this quick video on it:

Personally I’m not one to bash apple and neither am I a DEFENDAPPLE4EVERCUSTHEYSOKOOL fanboy either. From the countless threads, forum posts and support sites I have read, not every consumer who has bought the iP4 at release is experiencing this problem. Or many are and others are just not bothering to post, as a lot of people don’t interweb QQ.

The result is that there is a known issue. Whether it is a design flaw and every single iP4 has it in my opinion is not likely as I have seen many people post that there phone has no issue what so ever even when trying to replicate the problem in different areas in the US.

Of course there are reasons for this (i.e. they don’t live or they did not test the phone in an area with weak signal) but its AT&T lets be honest guys, most places with AT&T has bad signal 😛

In all seriousness though that defiantly is a possibility.

However I’m more in the camp of that it is not so much as a design flaw but more of a problem with a large amount of batches of the antenna were not manufactured correctly thus this would explain how some consumers have this problem (when buying from their local Apple store which gets an order of iP4’s from the same batch) whilst other consumers believe the antenna issue is an urban legend.

I think everyone can agree that regardless of the reason and whether or not it is a design flaw or just a mistake on some due to a manufacturing blip, Apple’s response was one of the sloppiest responses that have been seen for a long time. In my opinion Apple needs to take a leaf out of Toyota’s book in terms of Pr and make some iSorry commercials.

In addition to this, has released an update on this issue saying that PR Experts are calling this ongoing signal issue a ‘PR disaster’.

Cult of Mac spoke with several public relations experts who suggest that a recall of Apple’s iPhone 4 is “inevitable” given growing criticism over the device’s antenna issues that is spilling over from blog communities into the mainstream media. The PR crisis grew substantially yesterday when the widely-read Consumer Reports review and recommendation magazine failed to recommend the iPhone 4 to potential customers despite the device otherwise topping the rankings of Smartphones.

“Apple will be forced to do a recall of this product,” said Professor Matthew Seeger, an expert in crisis communication. “It’s critically important. The brand image is the most important thing Apple has. This is potentially devastating.”

Crisis communication experts contacted by, including Chris Lehane, former Clinton White House “Master of Disaster,” agree: the iPhone 4 reception issue presents a Toyota-style PR crisis for Apple, and the company must respond with a more meaningful fix than a software patch.’

For the full article please go to:

Now what does this mean for the second stage release to more countries this month? That is a very good question that many consumers would love an answer to.

Personally living in Canada this issue is rather a hot topic for those I live around and know who are interested in obtaining an iP4.

There have been rumors of people observing truck loads of iP4’s coming into Canada for the last few weeks, obviously preparing for the Apple stated end of July launch. However even with this, a few questions do arise.

1.)   Will this batch to Canada and other countries have the same issues as the iP4’s that have already been released in the US and other first string countries?

2.)   With the PR debacle that Apple is dealing with, will they do a massive recall? If so will countries such as Canada expecting a July release have to wait longer due to a launch delay?

3.)   If the iP4’s set to release in countries in July have the same problems that the already released iP4’s have and then a recall is put in place for first string countries like the US, what will consumers in second string countries do and more importantly how will Apple and their providers assuage these consumers?

As you can see, there are many questions that are plaguing consumers in other countries waiting patiently to get their hands on the iP4 this month. The real question that consumers will have to ask themselves is ‘is it worth it?’.

I believe it is a situational choice, where one must weigh the pros and cons and find a decision that best suits their needs.

With this reader, feel free to leave your thoughts via comment!

Ta ta for now,