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Dear Reader,

As some or all of you may be aware, the technology of True Motion is being implemented into more and more TV’s.

As a form of video compression built through a series of video codecs, TrueMotion creates a completely new experience when watching your favorite show or movie on TV. The basics of what it does is simple. Through compression it creates a higher level of realism and awareness never seen before in viewer entertainment. My first impression of it was, that It made me feel as if I were standing next to the actors as the film was being recorded, which in turn brought me into the fictional world more or in another way made the fictional world of the film come out into my reality.

However whilst I was fiddeling with the settings there were two major drawbacks to using this technology.

1.)   Movement:

Even when setting the TrueMotion to ‘Smooth’,  a setting that tries to render the images of fast moving scenes in a way that creates less lag and picture distortion, when seeing something move fast across the screen, it failed miserably. Of course one must remember that a lot of this depends on what type of Tv you are using, and granted I was watching it on an LED, however when turning TrueMotion off, the FPS (Frames Per Second) and picture quality of the same scene improved greatly.  Therefore I can conclude, that TrueMotion does not handle fast moving picture well.

2.)   It feels like a cheap soap opera.

This is the best way I can describe it. With TrueMotion, it is as if it almost makes whatever your watching TOO realistic. You feel as if you are so much on the set with the actors and crew, that you lose the ‘Epicness’ of the movie you are watching. Again granted this only occurs depending on what you are watching. There isn’t much ‘Epic’ feeling to be lost when watching something like ‘My Little Ponies’…..wait I mean ‘CNN’ defiantly CNN. >.>  <.<

However when watching something like ‘Lord of The Rings’, any magic, intensity or as I said , sheer epicness of emercing yourself into a fantasy world, is totally lost with the single thought that if Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) had dark hair and spoke Spanish you could bet your left arm that any Spanish Soap Opera series would take him in a heart beat.

This is where it gets difficult. Is this technology useful or a good idea that became a huge disappointment?

Firstly this would be up to viewer and consumer preference. Some may not care for that ‘Epic’ feeling wanted in movies that others may love. However for people like myself that do like the ‘Epicness’ of great movie making, but also love the realism that TrueMotion can provide, then this is my advice. TrueMotion is fantastic for more informative pieces simply because 9 times out of 10, informative pieces, whether documentaries, docu-films, or even the news, don’t involve a horde of Orcs or Robots from the future coming back in time to kick your ass. Therefore TrueMotion can provide that extra bit of image clearity and smoothness that allows for a more gentle, yet crisp viewing pleasure.

However if you do like to watch Robots coming back in time to blow you up before you have even been born type of flics, (I did not breach a copyright just there…) then I would defiantly suggest to not even become tempted to switch on TrueMotion for it. Trust me, you will spend 90% of your time during the film turning TrueMotion on and off, becoming furiously annoyed at not being able to make a decision on whether you like it or or not, thus creating this void in your life that must be filled writing reviews …. Kind of like this one….

With that reader, I leave it in your capable hands to make your choice. In my final thought I will say that TrueMotion is amazing for what it is. I am happy that I was able to experience it, but I will forever now being indecisive when watching movies and will be forced to sit on my hands or throw the remote out the window so as not to be tempted to start fiddling with it during a movie whilst my girlfriend gives me a death stare that consumes my soul.

Ta ta for now,