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Above are screen shots taken from both the WWDC keynote and the new iP4 commercials. Apparenlty Steve your own company is holding it wrong. You may want to re-shoot your own adverts. Just saying….

Hey guys, before I can even think about continuing my set of articles on the iP4 I had to write about this newest update on what has been going on with the design issue of the iP4’s antenna and weak signal reception.

Many, many, many, many, many iP4 consumers in the last two days have been horrified with the death of their signal strength anytime they pick up their iP4 and cover the bottom left corner with their hand. In shock many people have been emailing Steve Jobs asking if this is a design flaw, and if so what will be done about it.

Here is Steve’s reply taken from:

I am still astounded by Mr. Jobs’ reply.  Basically the deal is that the consumer must mold to the iPhone and not the other way around. A couple of major points that need to be mentioned here:

1.) Mr. Jobs’ ‘non issue’ fix, really only works for those who are right handed. If you are a lefty, the natural and most secure feel for a left handed person to hold the iP4 is by securing the bottom left corner (the origination of the problem zone) in the palm of the hand. Now having a Vulcan death grip is not really necessary to be able to make calls comfortably and securely however from the hundreds of forum posts I have read in the last 24 hours, even holding the iP4 loosely in the left hand still causes the signal strength to degrade at the same rate with the same consistency.

2.) Mr. Job’s other fix is to buy one of the lovely iPhone bumpers that they have come out with. This is the first time ever that Apple has created 1st Party phone cases. They have always left it to 3rd party distributors to do this. Another funny point is that the bumper is only designed to cover the frame of the phone. Before all of this hit the fan a few days ago, when I watched the Keynote at the WWDC this year and the bumper was introduced I found it incredibly odd that Apple would create a case that only covered the frame of the phone and the frame is what was apparently the strongest aspect of the design model, giving the phone a secure structure. Why would Apple create a protector the strongest part of the hardware but not for the more vulnerable parts? Well I think we have our answer. It seems to me that Apple saw this design flaw and created a quick fix to make sure that the iP4 launch date arrived on schedule. Here is the problem with the bumper. Firstly, what if like me a consumer does not want to cover their brand spanking new,  beautifully slim and modern looking iP4 with a big rubber frame that makes it look like it has a 360 degree muffin top? Also why should the consumer have to spend an additional $30 over the initial $799 retail cost of the iP4 to simply allow the consumer to use the iPHONE4 as an actual PHONE?

In the above image you can see that Mr. Jobs is holding the iP4 in the exact way he says we should NOT be holding it. Let me blow it up for you guys here a little bit:

For those of you who have followed my blog from the get go, you should know by now that I have always been pretty fair with regards to Apple. I have never hated on them. Of course I will knit-pick at some faults in their products but I peronally owe many mac gadgets. In fact im currently writing this aritcle on a 27″ iMac. So this is point. I love Apple, but even I cant defend them at this juncture.

As we go on, I began to research some alternate fixes that I could do in case this signal problem is still here when the iP4 is released in Canada. I found out about Zagg’s InvisibleShields. They currently have one for the iP4. Now I know about Zagg as many of you do. Their protective covers are pretty amazing as long as you don’t mind having the ‘Orange Peel’ effect on your phone. However I was wandering if the full phone body cover would help in stopping the human skin from shorting out the Antenna on the iP4. Unfortunately according to this test done by a consumer it is not looking positive. Check it out:

From this you can see that it MAY slightly help fix the issue. However with this model of cover it will probably not be a  good enough fix for most consumers. I am hoping though that Zagg will take this giant opportunity and create a specific cover for that part of the antenna that directly stops the Antenna shorting out or losing strength. I am pretty sure they have the resources and means to do this, lets just hope they can and will.

To lighten this somber mood I shall leave you with a rather funny pick of what Mr. Jobs may be expecting his iP4 consumers to do when using it to make a call.Ladies and Gentlemen please allow me to introduce to you…….


Again though I am quite an unhappy Apple buyer at this time, I will not completely give up hope. The iP4 is a fantastic new Smartphone. We shall have to wait and see if any fixes are made to the apparent issues with it. I will of course continue my coverage on the iP4 as I promised I would with the set of articles I am currently writing. As stated before the next article will be on the iP4’s ‘Retina Display’.

Have a great weekend guys,

Ta ta for now,