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iP4’s Display: 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi

Dear Reader, as promised following is the article on the iP4’s ‘Retina Display’.

Firstly I think its appropriate to tell you exactly what Steve Jobs said when describing the new display at the 2010 WWDC Keynote presentation a few weeks ago.

‘Now the Retina display has 326 pixels per inch. There has never been a display like this on a phone. People haven’t even dreamed of a display like this on a phone. But its more then that. It turns out that there is a magic number right around 300 pixels per inch, that when you hold something around 10 or 12 inches away from your eyes that is the limit of the human retina to be able to differentiate the pixels. And so they are so close together when you get to this 300 pixels per inch threshold that things start to look like continuous curves. Like text looks like you have seen it in a fine printed book. Unlike you have ever seen in a display before.’

From this consumers and critics have been extremely excited for what this could mean. When showing an apparently pixel per pixel difference between the iP3Gs and the iP4 at the keynote the applause for the show of difference was quite lack luster. I had a hard time trying to see a major difference. At first I was quite skeptical of the real difference a ‘Retina Display’ could or would really make. However now that the iP4 has made its debut launch and again both consumers and critics have been able to really test it’s worth, there is a very apparent difference. We see this especially when comparing the new ‘Retina Display’ with other phones on the market.

Engadget came out with some comparison pictures between Apple’s ‘Retina Display’ and Samsung’s Super AMOLED display when comparing Apple’s iP4 and Samsungs Galaxy S. From what we can see, the iP4 comes out with a much sharper image on icons and text but the Samsung overwhelms the Retina display in richness of colour. Another aspect to be aware of is with the back-lighting that Apple has included into the iP4, the picture quality outshines the Samsung Galaxy S when used outdoors. Overall when comparing these two products though the richness of colour is an important aspect of a phone’s display, I would take a sharper, cleaner and brighter display any day. Again this is situation and personal preference. Others who want the iP4 more for its HD video recording and photo quality may want to invest in a phone that focuses’ on the richness of colour…or just maybe by a camera?

However I’m not going to try and sound like a fan-boy 😛 When looking at the comparison video of both phone’s displays done by (below), one could easily prefer the Samsung display over the iP4. Telefonino believes that the rich colour display and the larger aspect ratio of the screen make up for the slightly lower PPI (pixels per inch) and PenTile Matrix that iP4 contains. This again can only be decided by user preference. Both displays in my opinion are beautiful. Both have their drawbacks however. I would not chose a phone simply on it’s display as you must take in the other variables that fit your personal needs into the equation. Either one of these phones (from a pure display perspective) would be a fantastic addition to you gadget junkies and regular phone users.

In the first few days of the iP4 launch some consumers have been complaining about yellow spots or streaks that have appeared on their iP4’s. Apple has stated that these spots are some of the adhesive used to create the screens that simply have not dried fully since coming from manufacturing. After a few days of use they should disappear. It seems that Apple is correct about this as many of these complaints have died down and you would be hard pressed to find current remarks stating that the spots have not disappeared.

Others have also noted that within a few days of ‘normal’ use, the iP4’s front and back can easily be scratched. This is odd after Jobs stated that the new glass that they are using in the iP4’s is 30% stronger then previously used on older models thus making it more scratch resistant. Of course he has not stated that it is scratch proof and rightly so. Also one must note that the front and back of the iP4 is covered in this Gorilla Glass. Glass scratches it is that simple. We do not know the conditions of what ‘normal’ use means to those who have seen scratches and scuffs appear on their new phones. However this is not an uncommon phenomenon for Apple or other Companies. Take care of your gadgets and they will be in better condition. If you are worried about your iP4 getting scratched and scuffed, either try using a rubber case, an iPhone Bumper (ewwwww) or using what I prefer, Zagg’s Invisible Shield. It is again all up to user preference. All have pro’s and cons. I personally don’t mind the InvisibleShield’s ‘Orange Peel’ effect. It is most likely the most scratch resistant protector on the market. If you get tired of the ‘Orange Peel’ effect you can always take the protector off and your phone will look like you had just unboxed it.

There will always be critics that nay say new technology. Some have done so with the iP4’s ‘Retina Display’. However nothing can sway a consumer more then the consumer’s own personal opinion. So if you are living in a country that currently has the iP4 in stores, why not go and check it out for yourself and make your own decision? I promise, personal research and actually getting your hands on a display phone, no matter which you are currently interested in is better then putting full confidence in pictures or videos online. However don’t stop reading mah Blogs!

With this, I have hopefully provided readers with a fair analysis of display comparison for two the top phones on the current market and some interesting facts about the iP4’s ‘Retina Display’. The next article in my iP4 series will cover FaceTime. Wait… I mean Skype…. No I mean FaceTime!

Ta ta for now,