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Yes, yes dear reader, as many if not all of you ‘gadgeteers’ know, Apple has finally brought out its latest toy. It’s funny to say that it’s been ‘brought’ out because it actually hasn’t dropped in shops (both live or online) as of yet. The point of this is that even before the first i-Pad has been boxxed up and shipped, critics world-wide have already swung the guillotine down on Apple’s head for the lack of imagination and ingenuity when having developed and built the i-Pad.

The first thing that these critics need to be asked is, ‘How can you make any real assessment on the i-Pad’sĀ  negative attributes if you have not even held one yet?’

Of course there are negative attributes about the i-Pad from the initial model we have all seen. Critics and Apple customers are completely correct in asking where the Flash drive is, why it’s still strappedĀ  to the 3G technology, why there is no i-Sight built-in etc etc, the list goes on.

However what some seem to forget is that Apple like many companies develops technology through what they call ‘generations’. I believe the i-Pod is on its 5th or 6th gen now?, the i-Phone is on its 2nd and mac-book pros are on god knows what generation.

When pointing out all of these things that the i-Pad lacks, has anyone thought that these add-ons will be added on to a later generation of i-Pad?

‘If it’s already this good, imagine how good it will be in 4 years from now!’

Before we continue lets take things back to basics. What does the i-Pad have to offer?

Well for starters, the i-Pad has completely revolutionised portable technology. In its 1st generation is already does more than a smartphone and covers the basics of what a laptop does but in a smarter, sexier and more innovative fashion. For travellers of all kinds who find their smartphones and laptops glued to their backs and pockets, this new invention is a gift from the heavens. I say this because it combines two different technologies and fits it into a slim, good-looking and light counter-device that is easier to travel with, lighter to carry, takes less room and simplifies the busy lives of people who must travel regularly.

Already this is a huge plus for the i-Pad. Think about it. With the way in which the modern world works, business is fast paced. Of course phones, Skype and others internet and satellite technology helps this fast paced business world, but people still need to travel to make things work. Regardless of what kind of technology is available nothing will ever beat an old-fashioned hand-shake, a sincere look in the eye and a common goal. When putting two and two together you can see that transportation is not a dying business but a booming and ever-growing requirement to bring the bread home.

Apple has seen this and taken advantage of it.

Okay, now lets look at what the i-Pad DOES have to offer.

1.) As we have already said, it’s a slim, sleek, and light weight designed piece of machinery.

2.) It contains touch-screen technology; a very innovative technology that is only becoming more and more popular as the years go by.

3.) It will be able to provide you with over 140,000 applications through the apple app store online giving it endless uses for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. This is a big factor in why the i-Pad will succeed. No other company can match this. Please do not talk to me about BlackBerry Apps. For lack of better words BB apps are poor quality with poor application and over-priced.

4.) The i-Pad will contain internet access with web browsing via ‘Safari’ which includes e-mail. Apple even claims that it will be the best web browsing experience a person could have. (This is up to debate and will only be decided by customers and reviews once the i-Pad is ready to ship).

5.) The i-Pad will come with a decent variety of memory models thus allowing it to suite to different consumer needs.

6.) With the new Apple online book store, travelers especially will benefit from being able to download countless novels for long journeys without taking up a single cm of space in their bags and not wasting paper thus helping the Earth stay green. This is seen again with newspapers such as the ‘New York Times’.

This list goes on of course.

For those worried about touch-typing on a touch screen, i feel and appreciate your concerns but again Apple has the solution if touch-screen typing is not your forte. The i-Pad keyboard dock which again is light-weight and slim will fit alongside you i-Pad in your bag ready to use, will charge the i-Pad and will still take up less room then a laptop would and be lighter to carry.

There are a few concerns though that we must take into consideration:

1.) There is a chance (though in my mind extremely slim) that Apple will not add a flash drive, i-Sight etc in later generation models.

2.) Apple’s touch-screen tecknology is not exactly perfect. I have personally had to give up using my i-Pod touch as the screen freezes and glitches out in extremely cold temperatures and is not possible to use with gloves on. (Sorry Canadians, we are out of luck).

3.) No word.doc capabilities. Yes we know, we know, it provides ‘Notes’, and that may be a strong alternative to such programmes as Microsoft Word or Pages, but the i-Pad would be that much for useful for all people if it had a strong text/word document programme. It seems to be the perfect tool for University Students as it provides all a Students communication needs at a much more affordable rate in comparison to a Mac-Book or MCP, but how is one to take notes in class?

(Personally I will use ‘Notes’ and if it doesn’t work well, i will simply write my notes in an e-mail and at the end of class send them to my e-mail address and put them on my i-Mac at home). I do have a feeling though that Apple ( a company that really tries to market itself towards students) will see this serious let down and either add in a downloadable pages application or an online purchasable version of Microsoft Office for Mac direct download for the i-Pad.

In the end, none of us will really know what the i-Pad will truly be like untill we can get our hands on one. However though it may be missing a few key additions, don’t count Apple out just yet. I will leave you will two questions to ponder. The first, ‘When was the last time Apple made a product that flopped?’, and the second is, ‘Did’nt critics say the same type of things about the i-Pod and i-Phone (in their own respective technologies)? How did that turn out for them?’

With that reader, I shall join the masses in pre-ordering my i-Pad, what will you do?

Untill next time,